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Ensure you have access to the St. Joseph Hoag Health Network

Here's How To Make A Great Choice For Your Health Care

  1. Choose a health plan
    Selecting the right plan is essential. Price is important, but it shouldn't be the only factor. You'll want to consider the extent of plan coverage, as well as your medical needs and those of your family. Are regular prescriptions or doctor visits required? It's important to consider the potential cost of unpredictable events. As much as we don't like to think about it, medical emergencies occur and access to hospitals you want vary from plan to plan. Most important of all, make sure your plan includes St. Joseph Hoag Health and participating hospitals, medical groups and affiliated physicians. Check our list of accepted health plans. For good measure, it's also best to double check with your health insurer to verify you're with a doctor who is part of St. Joseph Hoag Health.
  2. Choose a doctor

    St. Joseph Hoag Health has more than 1,700 physicians with the brightest minds and biggest hearts to choose from. Some doctors are part of a medical group, while others have independent practices that are closely affiliated with us. The affiliated and medical group physicians of St. Joseph Hoag Health include:

  3. Hoag Affiliated Physicians
    Hoag Medical Group
    Mission Hospital Affiliated Physicians
    Mission Heritage Medical Group
    St. Joseph Heritage Medical Group
    St. Joseph Hospital Affiliated Physicians
    St. Jude Affiliated Physicians
    St. Jude Heritage Medical Group
  4. Choose a hospital
  5. Some health plans require you to also choose a hospital. Make sure you select a St. Joseph Hoag Health hospital:

    • St. Joseph Hospital


Make the Right Choice Today

  1. Call the Member Services number listed on your health insurance card.
  2. Provide the name of the primary care physician within the network you have selected, and specify you want to join the group name located in the physician's profile online.
  3. Confirm your selection with your health plan. Be sure to verify the group name matches the one listed in our online physician directory when you receive your new health plan identification card.

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