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Questions to Ask Your Broker

We know how challenging it is to find excellent health care benefits for your employees at a price that makes sense. Your employees need health care that works for them - whether they're younger workers who want convenience or Boomers looking for a broad range of specialists and services. By choosing St. Joseph Hoag Health for your business, you gain access to a broad network that covers the region and that offers the flexibility that makes sense for everyone. Even more, we can work with you to design a customized program to keep your employees healthy - all at an affordable price.

Let St. Joseph Hoag Health help you and your broker through the process of selecting a plan that ensures you have access to the brightest minds and biggest hearts in the county.

Are you making your health care decisions based on quality or cost?

How can I be sure that our employees have access to the St. Joseph Hoag Health hospitals should surgery or admission be necessary?

Do our employees have access to worksite health and wellness centers?

Are you certain that doctors are referring to Hoag, St. Joseph, Mission and St. Jude physicians when a hospital stay or services are required?

Does this plan offer Executive Health Programs?

Am I seeing a return on my wellness program investment?

Do I know what health risks are affecting my employees and driving up overall costs?

Are my high-risk employees engaged in their health care and being properly managed?

Does this plan include the option for us to have a private, on-site wellness clinic at our workplace?

What am I giving up if I choose a plan that doesn't allow access to St. Joseph Hoag Health?



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